Thursday, 15 December 2016

Saturn V

   Saturn V
Image result for saturn vThe Saturn V was a rocket NASA built to send people to the moon. The Saturn V was a type of rocket called a heavy lift vehicle. That means it is very powerful. It was the most powerful rocket that had ever flown successfully.
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The Saturn V that launched the Skylab and the space station only had 2 stages.This rocket used for Apollo missions and had 3 stages.Each stages had burn its engine until it was out of fuel and it would separate from the rocket.


The engine on the next stage would fire and the rocket would fly of to space. Every part of the rocket is used and then it is discarded when a mission happens.At the time the,The F.1 was the most largest and most powerful liquid-fueled engine ever made.But there's a chance that in the near future, a giant rocket powered by updated F-1 engines might once again thunder into the sky.
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