Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Adding numbers

LI: To add numbers by making 10's.
Today I have been doing my adding numbers. Here is an example:


I took 3 from the 5 and added it to the 7. That gave me 10 (7 + 3= 10). There was 2 left, so 10 + 2 = 12 and that means 7 + 5= 12.

This time I practised on Transum basic addition level 2 and 3. Next time I want to improve on level 4 and 5, they have bigger numbers.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Atrubuting Images

L.I.To credit the Author of an Image (to attribute and image). This is my Attributing Images post.I worked with  Nazanin I liked doing this is was a fun way to attribute Images.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Information Report on Sharks

Information Report on Sharks
Image result for shark

Opening Statement:Sharks are a big family of fish.
Appearance (Looks): Scary and they look angle.
Diet (Food): They eat  fish seals, sea lions and other marine mammals. Sharks have been known to attack humans when they are confused or curious

Habitat (Live):
While some species inhabit shallow, coastal regions, others live in deep waters, on the ocean floor and in the open ocean.

Interesting Facts: They are  100 sharks are killed each year and shark fins are for a tasteless bowl of soup.
Conclusion: The number of teeth a shark grows and uses during its lifetime can be enormous – some sharks use up over 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.