Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Image result for cycling monorail

This week LS2 have been completing the city of sales challenges. The completed tasks that were set to complete were 5. For one of the activities, we were to research a kiwi who invented something. Today Nickaela, Sky, Hajera, Fui, and, I collaboratively worked together to find information about our kiwi inventor. As a group, we all agreed to create a storyboard about a kiwi called Geoff Barnett who invented a ride called the cycling monorail. It was called the cycling monorail because it was exactly like the skyline, but with someone who cycles a bike throughout the whole ride. We decided to create a storyboard about this invention by using storyboard that. Our story was about Geoff Barnett who went to a circus and tried out new rides, but then he thought about creating his own ride so that kids could be more active, besides sitting on a seat. Above shows the storyboard that we created and an image of Geoff Barnett's invention.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Steampunk art / Victorian Britain - Washing Day

This week LS2 and LS1 came together and started working on an art a steampunk art. what is steampunk art? steampunk art is inspired by steam-powered machinery They got the punk because it's really punk and they got the steam from the 19th-century technology. Do you ever wonder how the women's or little girls wash there family's clothing? they did not have a washing machine, the tool that was used was washing board, a tub of boiling hot water and laundry soap. The women's & their daughters stayed at home while the men and boys went to work or school, the washing would take all day the woman had by boiling water in a tub over a wood or coal-fired, the fire which took a long time to boil, then with a washing board they had to a whole bar of laundry soap into the water. After that tub with a dolly stick to twist the clothing and squish out all the water to dry in the another other that is heated in a tub and dried.

Friday, 30 November 2018

art tech

Today was the last day of art tech and I fished my art and I had a lot of fun carving out and drawing. I put a lot of work into my artwork and it paid off in the end, the colors I used was first yellow and then I used green and then I used orange and then I used brown and brown was my last color and yellow was the first color that I used. I really like how artwork paid off and next time if I do this again I would take my time and I have to carve out a little bit deeper. 

Monday, 26 November 2018

Maori Pioneer Battalion Timeline

Today for inquiry I was working with Sky, Nickaela & Brooklyn on a DLO about the Maori Pioneer Battalion timeline and I had a great time working with them because we learned a lot about the Maori Pioneer Battalion, did you know that in the 17th of  October 1914 the brave Maori soldiers started arriving at the war in Auckland & trained in Avondale. I have a lot of respect for all of the brave Maori soldiers because they went and fort in World War 1.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Athletics Day at PBS

Today PBS had Athletics and we all had so much and I was in the green team with most of my friend. One of my favorite obstacles was the one you had to hop with a bag and once you get to the sponge, you hat to get out of the bag and pick up the sponge and run then you had to drop and go under the long rope and get up and jump over the long stick, then you had to get the sponge and dip it into the back with full of water then you had then you had to drop and go under the long rope and get up and jump over the long stick and run back and the next person had to repeat it, I had a great time day at Athletics.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Read Theory

Today we were going through our Read Theory progress and I had fun going through because I saw my progress that I have on Read Theory, For all my 2018 year in Panmure Bridge School my highest grade is 5 and my lowest grade is 3, In February I had  grade 5 and in March and June and July I had the lowest grade I had grade 3 and in April and May I had grade 4 which was in between.