Friday, 19 October 2018

Camels explanation

Did you know that camels can go 30 days without water and drink up to 46 litres of water and camels have changed over time. Camels live in every hot area in Dubai where it is ever hot and sandy, it’s about 42 heat.

In Dubai where it’s sandy and hot and where it’s 42you can’t find water so easily so camels have to eat cactus to get water from them to keep hydrated if you touch a cactus it will prick and hurt so camels have thick lips and they want feel the pricks. Camels eat cactus because there is not a lot of grass and plants in the desert and it mostly hot sands.

Camels can walk on hot sand because they have pads on their feets to protect them from the hot sand. In the hot sandy days how can the camels see through the sand? they have double eyelashes so the eyelash can keep the sand away from the eyes when they are walking through the sand.

How can camels percent their noses from the sand well the noses close up so the sand does not go up in there nostrils so they can go for a long time. Camels have humps on their back where they keep fat in it which they can use it as food in time they need to.

Camels can go a long time without food or water because they have humps on there back and inside they have fat which that is there food, they can go a long time without water because they eat cactus to get water from them to keep hydrated and they have thick lips to help them eat the cactus and camels have pads on there feets so they can walk through the sand and they have doubled eyelash to help the see through the sand.

This week Mrs Anderson's writing group was learning about camels and how they have changed over the time to live in the hot desist in Dubai. Did you know that camels can go 30 days without water in the most hottest area it is about 42० diggers and they can drink about 46 litres of water.

kiwi can - Respect for our school

Yesterday group A and B had kiwi can and our topic was Respect for our school and we were learning how we could use respect, what are the rules, why we have rules and our school care vales, we have rules to follow to keep as safe and most of us don't know it so that's why we have kiwi can to tech as why we have rules. Why do we have kiwi can? because kiwi can help as troth difficult things in life and why school is important, we all have to respect our school why? because we have school to learn new things and to help us troth college.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

NZ National ShakeOut Day

Today Nickaela and I were working on the New Zealand National Shake out day and today was New Zealand National ShakeOut! Day. LS2 did the drop, cover and hold procedure as soon as we heard the warning bell and we all did a good job because we knew what to do and because we were learning about it. We did this just encase if there was an earthquake so we would be prepared.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

What is peace

Today Viva and I were working a DLO about peace, peace is when you show respect to people, religion and race and when you feel safe and happy not down and unhappy. I have learnt a lot about peace and I enjoyed every moment of it, it was hard at first but when I asked questions about peace it was more clear to me.

Formal and informal

Today for reading we have been working on a formal letter and a informal letter and we had to find the meaning of formal and informal. A Formal letter is when you write nice and words that make sense, you can write formal letter to you boss and your work friends. A Informal letter is when you don't to care if it makes sentens or you don't how it looks, a informal letter can be written to your family and to your close friends.

I believe that there are a number of things that you could do to rectify this problem. Firstly, you could purchase additional litterbins. This would help
prevent people discarding their litter recklessly

How are you? I’ve been dead busy since your last letter. We have to work really hard at school to get ready for our PAT tests.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


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Today I have been on read theoryread theory is a really fun way of learning and It has helped me with a lot of things like it has helped me with reading and getting most of the answers right. I have a lot of fun going on read theoryread theory has helped me on the read test and more and I think you should go on it because it will help you a lot. 

Mr Wongs maths challenge

Today for maths we have using  Mr Wongs maths challenge and I had a lot fun working on the 10 and 20, I got some wrong but I tried to get it right the second time witch I did get it concert and it was easy and hard at the same time but I got some of them right and next I have to look at my answers before I move on.