Friday, 17 August 2018

Tech - Tamaki collega

Today we went to tech it was really fun and we go to tech at Tamaki college, I just finished my pewter and my one is a hart and it's really nice and cool. I used four sandpaper and that's a lot of sandpaper, first I used the 180 then I used the 400 and then I used the 800 and I used the 1200, I used the 1200 twice because I had to do it once with out the water and once with the water and I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


This graph shows the responses from LS1 and LS2. 55 people have littered in PBS while 26 hasn’t. This was interesting because a lot of students have said to spread bins across PBS so it’s easier to access. The place that the students find most of their rubbish is around the park. The students think that we should add more bins so people can stop throwing their rubbish on the ground. 48 people think that we need more bins, 7 think we don’t and 28 think we maybe would need it. People have said that we need more rubbish around the park.

Samoan language week

This week our focus was on Samoan language week. We teamed up with LS1 to learn how to say some words in Samoan and we wanted to learn the ( days of the week ) in Samoan its ( Aso O'Le Vaiaso ) we had fun chring to say the words in Samoan. We had fun making this DLO I was working on this DLO with Sakina and Sila.


Today at reading we played a game of kahoot it was really fun and hard. We had to answer question  the answer and most of the question was really hard most of the question confused me. I forgot most of the answers because they were hard . We made a kahoot a few days ago.



Today I was on Readthory, readthory is a really fun way of reading because I got to answer some questions and I get to learn some new words and I got to have some fun time to read, it is so fun reading on readtheory.

2 words 1 minute

Let me tell you something about my family my they are out mostly at Sundays we go to the beach or park it really fun and we have a 30 word in 1 mint Let me tell something about my family they always go out to park or beach its fun we have BBQ 19 word in 1 mint. Let me  tell you something about my siblings they are really annoying they come in my room they go no my iPad and they fish they my ice cream and they play pranks on me it not funny at all the worst one was the ice in my.40 word in 2 mint bed I am just get stared so annoying you do not went be me we always fight about how get the tv remote or the the chrome cast or the cat if i make slime my strikers. Come and make it with me it's not cool at all so annoying I like the bunny's going back in there our house more then go inside. 39 word in 1 mint

Our challenge today was to writhe my ideas clearly so that they make sense. We had only 4 minutes to do cheek our writing! we had to choose one of the word then power write for I minute, count our words, then carry on for 2 more minute count our words then finish with 1 more minute it was fun and easy and I had fun writing.

Manaiakalani Film festival

Yesterday we went to the film festival for the Manaiakalani we watched all great films one of my favourite film was for (Panmure Bridge School LS1) I have a bad felling about this it was scary and a bit funny at the same time. We went down at selves park to watch all the Manaiakalani film festival and we all had a grate time down at the film festival.