Thursday, 15 December 2016

can do Nim

this week i have done my can do it was so easy to do and fun in 2 mint's i have done it that is how easy it is and fun. It is a really good maths game i got past lave 10 that is the hard it's to do the easy one is is the lave one that is so easy it is Nim.

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  1. Hi Hajera!

    Congratulations on making it all the way to Level 10 in The Game of Nim. That is a huge accomplishment and a huge challenge (particularly given that you only had 2 minutes). If you enjoy being challenged I would like to invite you join our Summer Learning Journey blogging programme. It's a free blogging programme open to all students at Panmure Bridge school.

    To join the programme you simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey website (, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab and choose from one of 60 different activities, all related to the theme of 'Travel and Adventure.'

    Once you have chosen an activity you post your answer to the activity on your blog site. I will check your blog site regularly and I will write comments on your posts! I have two teachers who are working with me this summer and they will read your posts and provide comments as well.

    I really hope that you will consider blogging with us this holiday. We'd love to have you join the Summer Learning Journey team!

    Rachel (and the Summer Learning Journey programme team)