Saturday, 30 September 2017

second challenge rainbow's end height

Today I have been doing the holiday blogging challenge it has been really fun doing this. This was my first day  and second challenge that I have done to fine things about rainbow's end. It was really fun researching about rainbow's end and that I have done.


  1. Kia Ora Hajera, I like the picture you have chosen for your DLO. I also like your Bold heading of Height. Next time you should read the instructions of what you have to do because on the presentation it says to only find the minimum height for the Stratosphere. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Hajera,
    I like how you talked about the height resources. I think you should attributed your photo before publishing it.


  3. Hello Hajera, I really like the DLO you created. I liked the choice of colours green and white and also like the 3 different photos you inserted. I also like how you listed them with bullet points. The layout of the google draw makes it look even better. Fantastic job keep it up!

  4. Hello Hajera
    Nice work, you completed the second task. I like how your DLO looks organised. Remember to attribute your images.

  5. Salom Hajera,
    Good to see you completing more and more tasks. The colors you have used look brilliant. The most thing I love about your post is the images.

  6. Hi Hajera,
    You did a great job at doing the 2nd challenge. I like the way you added photos. You are doing amazing work at doing the holiday reading program.
    Keep it up.

  7. Hi Hajera
    Great work! I like the color and photo you chosen. Next time attribute the images. Keep it up!

  8. Hi Hajera Your doing very well.

  9. Hi hajera! I like how you put two good photos but one thing was that you haven't attributed it. Remember to always attribute your photos you get from google.
    keep up the great work! - Florence