Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sky tower mascot

Today I have been working on my holiday blogging challenge for day two challenge two. It has been great doing the holiday blogging challenge I had fun doing this. What I had to do is make a mascot to represent the Sky Tower.


  1. Kia Ora Hajera your mascot looks pretty amazing. I like your explanation of your mascot. I think next time you should put colours into your mascot.

  2. Hello Hajera, your mascot is really interesting and different to the regular mascot, Scotty. I like the description about your mascot and how you went creative and didn't give it arms nor legs. Good job.

  3. Hi Hajera
    Your mascot was very amazing. I describe you have a great imagination. Keep it up!

  4. Greetings Hajera,
    You made a really creative mascot. I like how you explained why your mascot is great. I also like the way you added a image of the original mascot.
    Amazing Job!

  5. Hi Hajera,
    I really like the mascot that you created, and I found the big mouth really funny as well. Did you enjoy creating this mascot? I know I enjoyed creating mine. Just pointing out that you forgot to attribute the image of Scotty that you found, so just make sure to do so next time in the future.
    Keep Up The Amazing Work!

    - Jack

  6. Hi Hajera!
    I must say your mascot look amazing. I suggest you make a name for it so people can say there name.
    keep up the great work! - Florence