Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Harbour Bridge, PBS Holiday blogging challenge

For activity 1 day 5 I had to make a DLO. Then I had to find out- When the Harbour Bridge was built? who built the Harbour Bridge?. I had to find all the answers to these  I had a good time doing this and this is my last day of doing the PBS Holiday blogging challenge


  1. Hi Hajera well done for finishing activity 1 of day 5 you have made it so far and all your DLO as fantastic. I like the images you used and inserted of the Harbour Bridge but maybe next time attribute it. I like the big black title that stands out on the way everything is listed in order. Great work and keep it up!

  2. Hello Hajera!
    great effort in your 5 day of blogging. I like how you blurb was interesting to read. But you made one mistake in your blurb and it was that you didn't put a full stop at the end of your sentence. Other than that great blogging this week! - Florence