Wednesday, 16 September 2015


This is my Argument on mufti I am arguing.

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Should we have school uniform? Mufti clothes are clothes you wear at home but not at school. We do not have mufti at Panmure Bridge School. I am against wearing mufti clothes. It doesn’t make me feel part of Panmure Bridge School.
Reason 1
Supportive details

If we wear mufti  and you get lost on a trip no one will know which school you are from.  If you were in an accident and you wore mufti clothes no one would know what school you are from. The only people that would know are students that go to the same school as you.  

Reason 2

Supportive details

School clothes do not cost too much money because you can get a second hand uniform from the school shop or from a parent representative. If you have a big brother and sister the school uniform can be easily passed down, so this would save parents money.

Reason 3

Supportive details

If you have mufti then you might want new clothes like your friends, but your family may not have enough money to buy them. Parents would feel pressured to buy clothes that they may not have the money for. This could result in families doing without food to pay for labelled clothing. There could be students who could get themselves in a fight over labelled clothing. Bullying can easily happen when people wear different clothes. Students can steal other students clothes if we all had to wear mufti clothes.

So I am against wearing mufti clothes at Panmure Bridge School because the uniform is smart, made strong and identifiable. A school uniform saves your parents money and everyone wears the same.

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