Friday, 12 August 2016

Number Stones by Hajera

                                               LI: To read before and numbers up to 100 000.
Today for Reading I played Number Stones with Savelina. I was the Green counters and Savelina was the Pink counters.To play this game you will 2 to 3 Players.1 player has to call out the numbers and the other two people has to play the game with their partner.


  1. Hi Hajera. Thanks for your post on Number Stones. It's great to see your learning intention and an explanation of how to play the game. What Maths knowledge were you practising in this game?

  2. Hi Hajera
    I like how you put the learning intention and how to play the game
    Well done Keep up the Great Work

  3. Hi Hajera,
    I think your post is very clear. Maybe next time you could change the second sentence about the counters. I think that your post is specific. Maybe you could explain how to play the game. Keep up the awesome work Hajera.