Thursday, 25 June 2015

Making Anzac biscuits

Making Anzac Biscuits
                           By Hajera             

Yes we were making Anzac biscuits and the ingredients were on the table. Miss Paton did the roll. After the roll Miss Paton told us to go and wash our hands. After we washed our hands Mele cut the butter 50 grams two times and it made 100 grams. Then Alex got the butter paper that was left over and greased the trays. After that Shailah put one tablespoon of golden syrup. After that Avalon put ¾ cup of rolled oats in the bowl. Najib poured one cup of coconut. After that Liam poured the sugar into the measuring cup. Miss Paton got too put ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a cup and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of water. After that Sanujan poured in the golden syrup then mixture. We all had a turn to mix the ingredients. Aiden, me, Jacob  and Sky rolled the dough into little balls. Juliet, Nyjah and Aiden flattened the mixture with a fork. Miss Paton, Aung Naing, Taylor and Liam put the trays of biscuits in the oven. Mrs Smith helped and she took the trays out of the oven. Aung Naing and Liam got the Anzac biscuits off the trays using a fish slice. After that Aung Naing and Liam got the trays to class and when it was lunch time we all had one each.

The Anzac biscuits were sweet and yummy. The whole class was working well together as a team.                                               

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